I remember countless Halloweens where I would strategically fully stock my pantry with MY favorite candy, even though I knew I wouldn’t get many trick or treaters, or even one.

Year after year I set myself up to FAIL and used Halloween as an excuse to overload on sugar saying to myself, “It’s only once a year, right?”

The truth is it wasn’t once a year. Letting myself down with my health goals was a constant roller coaster for me and Halloween was another perfect excuse to ignore my ultimate goal of feeling good in my body.

I’m writing this to you if you are someone who puts herself through the same thing. I promise, my friend, that you staying true to your goals is FAR SWEETER than any split second of sweetness a piece of candy can have on your lips. Have some treats available for the neighborhood kids, if they are even trick or treating with the pandemic this year? And as soon as trick or treat hours are over, throw the rest away. I hated doing this because “I spent hard earned money on this!”

Your sanity is far more valuable than the $10 bucks you spent on the candy. I promise.

To help you out this year, I pulled a favorite popcorn recipe out, that also BOOSTS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and we could all use that extra boost this year in 2020!

Check out this awesome Halloween On Guard Popcorn delight!

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