You are One Thought Away from leaving overwhelm, self-sabotage, and stress in your past and walking into a life you LOVE

Become Your Biggest Achievement

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You are One Thought Away from leaving overwhelm,  self-sabotage, and stress in your past and walking into a life you LOVE

Become Your Biggest Achievement

You are One Thought Away from leaving overwhelm, self-sabotage, and stress in your past and walking into a life you LOVE

Become Your Biggest Achievement

Hello My Friend! 

Please understand that I once stood where you are probably standing today and I know exactly what you are feeling on a very intimate level.

I wonder if you are at the point where you are so frustrated you can taste your disappointment when, once again, you have fallen off track with your goals? 

Has it been a constant struggle for you to feel good about yourself, always challenging your worth and value?

When you wake up in the morning is it a challenge to get out of bed, even though you didn’t go out the night before and you went to bed at a decent hour?

Needless to say your social life is less than par since you never have energy for anything fun after work, and quite honestly you don’t feel great about the way you look, so you might as well not go out anyways.

And let’s get real… you know your friends have schedules that are just as busy as yours, but for some reason your stress levels seem to be through the roof and consume you in a way that doesn’t even touch them.

I have been there before and please believe me when I say to you, there is a way out of it all.

Let me fill you in on how I know what you are feeling, all too well…

  • I indulged in emotional eating when I would get stressed or overwhelmed, not having the proper tools to deal with my emotions.

  • I would crave intimate relationships, but then I would push them away because I was afraid of being hurt.

  • I had dreams, but would cast them away because I would convince myself that dreams like that only happen for other women, not me.

  • I found it hard to concentrate on my work because my stress levels were so high that I would get overwhelmed and end up doing a bunch of tasks that didn’t matter, leaving me with a constantly growing urgent to-do list.

I am wondering if even one of these things struck a chord with you? If it did, then you are absolutely, one hundred percent in the right place and I am so glad you are here.

There is a way to break free from all of this… I did! The important thing for you to understand is that with the right tools and knowledge… YOU CAN TOO!


Life felt hard, really hard. I felt as if I was at my rope’s end and really didn’t understand how things could ever get better.

Confused by beliefs I developed as a child, I had grown up with the impression that to be loved, a woman had to look like they do in the magazines. The only way I saw this could ever happen was to over-exercise and eat the least amount of calories possible. This deadly cycle kicked into full gear in college and haunted me off and on for years.

These misconstrued self-care techniques were triggered when times got stressful. They flared up after losing a job, having my business completely burn down in a fire, and every crash and burn relationship, which ended in heart-wrenching infidelity episodes that left me heartbroken and confused.

I felt broken on so many levels.

With every bump in the road, I craved comfort, but it was the last thing I was finding. I always seemed to have stomach issues and my anxiety was through the roof. At times I felt so down I didn’t want to get out of bed.

What was going on here?

I tried everything to figure out what was wrong with me. Did I have ulcers from stress? Pick up parasites from traveling? Maybe I had intense food sensitivities? Why didn’t I ever feel good?

I tried it all… I went to eastern and western health practitioners, I drank teas, I got acupuncture, chiropractic work, I meditated, did my yoga, tried over the counter remedies… nothing felt as if it was really getting to the root of the problem.

So I did some research on my own and that’s when I hit the jackpot. I was finally getting the answers that I had been searching for.

And it came down to loving myself completely, shifting my mindset, and learning a level of emotional mastery I had never had before. BOOM! I hit gold!

Believe me, when I put information out into the world, I do not take it lightly. I need to really believe in it to put my name on it. I have studied all over the world with many different professionals and what I am about to share with you… well it says it all.

You are in complete control of what your life looks like, and you get to step into saying YES! to something bigger and better for yourself or it will never happen.

It is always a choice.

I know, seems so simple, right? But do you fully understand what I am saying?
When I really dove deep into the holistic and science based information out there, in regards to bringing oneself into balance, and I started to apply it to my own life, drastic results began to occur.

I learned how to properly care for myself physically, mentally,  emotionally and spiritually.

I started to wake up BEFORE my alarm went off in the morning, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from a full night’s sleep.

Best of all… I began to love and cherish myself, put up healthy boundaries, chose relationships that were supportive, magnetize abundance and success to me, build up my self-confidence, create community and friendships that I could rely on, and change the ENTIRE direction of my life

So I am sure you can understand why I am so passionate about this information and why I must share it with you.

Perfect Health Mastery is the accumulation of all the information that I discovered actually worked…. and believe me I tried a lot of things and many didn’t work. I took the best information, to help you accelerate your process to achieve what you really want with your health, happiness and life.

It is the exact blueprint of what I wish someone had handed to me when I was desperate for help. It would have saved me so much time, money, and heartache to be given the tools and strategies that were already proven and I didn’t have to try to reinvent the wheel… or sift through mountains of information to find what was even legit.

My goal is to help you get the relationship with yourself that you really want. You deserve it.


Kerry Tepedino



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