with Kerry Tepedino

CEO & Founder of the One Thought Away Project and Perfect Health Mastery Program

Having a Happy Life Doesn't Need to be Hard...

Setting up simple daily rituals that help you connect with yourself and your daily purpose and priorities can bring tremendous relief. 

Doing so has changed the direction of my life completely.

That’s why I want to share an amazing gift with you, a gift that comes from the depths of who I am, on a soul level.

One soul to another soul. 

Get excited to have delivered straight to your inbox a 3-step process that will help you lay a foundation for a brighter, happier, soul-based future. 

This is what you will learn…

  • How to create a simple morning AM Ritual that speaks to your soul, helping you win daily by connecting to you first. 
  • Sacred Space tips that are so simple they will shock you, but will drastically change your environment, so you feel as if you are in a special place designed just for you. 
  • The “One Thought Away” Visualization Process ™ that will help you break through limited thinking in regards to what is possible for you and who you get to be in the world. 
  • The “One Thought Away” Journaling Process ™ that is different from all other journaling processes you have learned. It will help you get daily clarity on your priorities and vision.


Here’s What You Can Expect:

Every day for three days you will receive an email from me in your inbox, so make sure to add support@kerrrytepedino.com to your email contacts right now, otherwise I could go to spam .

What you will find in these soul based, short emails is a clear direction on a 15 minute or less step for you to implement that will decrease your stress, set you up to win your day, and make you feel GOOD about yourself!

This of course builds your self esteem, lifts your confidence and changes your belief system to start a transformation in your life immediately.

These processes are the very ones that I have formulated for myself, that have helped me get to where I am today in my life. They helped me pick myself up from rock bottom.

The great thing is they are simple and anyone can do them. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Who knows… Own Your Rituals™ could be the very thing that helps you turn your life around! Or make a great life even better!


Just so you know, I used to be 45-50 pounds overweight, I was an emotional eater, had an eating addiction, kept people at arm’s length, didn’t believe in myself, wasn’t making a great income and all the results in my life showed it. 

I started to focus on ME in a way that promoted deep healing and miracles started to happen. My health changed, my mindset shifted, I wasn’t afraid of my emotions anymore, I allowed myself to get close to people, I started to make more money and I became clear on what I wanted in my life. 

I am being so honest with you that NONE of that could have happened unless I slowed down to speed up my results… I know, it’s counterintuitive, but it works. 

I share all this with you because if I created magical results for myself, I honestly believe you can too, with the right strategies and support. Own Your Rituals™ is going to be the starting point for you to make that happen.

These processes have helped save me. They can save you too.


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