Have you ever had those mornings where you wake up still tired? Or not super energetic and excited about your day?

I used to have those mornings a lot.

One of the things that turned my mornings around is that I am now very consistent with getting enough protein in the morning, in a way that my body can easily digest. This starts me off on the right foot, staves off cravings, as well as helps me not have a midday slump with my energy.

I tried lot of different products and couldn’t find one I loved, so I worked hard with a prestigious company to formulate the Soul Snax Recharge Vanilla Shake.

Not only is it absolutely delicious (my 5 year old son even ASKS for it daily!), but I feel really good on the decisions I’m making for my health at the very start of my day.

This sets the stage for a day of hitting goals and feeling good about how I’m treating myself, even on my busiest days.

I’d like to invite you to integrate this easy ritual into your morning routine too, so you can also get fast results.

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