You’ve heard the line, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up somewhere else.”

Well, guess what?

I have a wild and whimsical feeling about where you’re going.

Big. Things. Coming. For. You.

As a whole – it’s as if I could feel the sigh of relief after we closed the book on 2019.

But now looking forward – the clarity, vision, and energetic feeling going into this New Year is uncanny.

Yes, the whole ‘20/20’ vision this in the year 2020 is not lost on me.

But whether it’s from the metaphor or not, I truly feel the palpable breakthroughs that are happening for you this year.

So regardless if you’re ‘into’ resolutions (I know many who aren’t fans), I’m popping in today to give you a new spin on this brand-spankin’ new year – it’s a tangible way of categorizing where I’m headed that I’ve used for YEARS.

My business does it.

My family does it.

And other successful entrepreneurs I know do it.

And I want to offer you to use it to…

Here it is:


Not a goal. Not a task. Not a revenue price or weight number.

Just 2-3 themes that correlate with your personal mission for the entire year.

Here are my three themes for 2020: Family, Impact & Trust.

These themes are always front of mind and play a heavy role in every decision I make.

And if my personal and business decisions don’t move the needle forward on my themes – then they’re not worth my time.

And as we roll into the first part of 2020, I urge you to pick your themes and NEVER be held back from the fear of failure.

“Failing” (whatever that may look like to you) really can be an opportunity for you to shine, grow, and try new things.

The most successful people on this planet have failed first. Heck, Sarah Blakley went through a decade of rejections before Spanx became a billion-dollar company.

Here’s the thing with failing – it morphs you into becoming gritty. It helps you reinvent yourself and gives you a willingness to try new things.

So show up, listen to other points of view, and expand your circle. Be willing to change. Be willing to listen to those around you. Get curious about your life and your happiness.

This is a year of dreams coming to fruition. I truly believe that this year has so much goodness stored for you – it’s already in escrow- all you need to do is raise your hand, step up, and declare it’s yours.

And if your theme for the year has anything to do with increased happiness and overall personal improvement…

Then it’s clear you’re ready for that uncanny clarity and 2020 vision, too…

This is your sign to say YES to a new you.

Here’s the thing – you’ve read my blog posts, seen my stories, and tuned into my weekly FB live trainings…

So you know that I don’t leave any stone unturned when I get into coaching mode.

(An honest case of over-delivering I like to call it.)

My promise to you is that you WILL improve your health, relationships, and overall happiness after allowing the Kerry Tepedino community in.

And this is your year for real results.

We can’t wait to chat with you and get clear on your 2020 vision.

I can see your 2020 purpose with 20/20 vision. Can you?

To your happiness this year.

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