Recently, I hosted an online workshop on how you can work with me to create an income of $1000+ per month.

During the free workshop, my colleague, Dr Mariza Snyder, and I shared how you can create your own wellness business with essential oils. We also shared our secrets to creating a brand that feels authentic to you.

The world has been a very different place over the past few months with the coronavirus and it’s been brought to my attention that many women are afraid of being able to provide for their families. I have built a very successful multiple seven figure coaching business from scratch doing something I love… supporting women with their personal development and transforming their lives and I know what it takes to build a strong business that can weather any storm.

For this reason, I have agreed to support women becoming EMPOWERED with their finances in the wellness space, because I know that if I did it, you can too. It will entail you getting the proper LEADERSHIP skills, which is something I feel a lot of entrepreneurs have not had proper training on and which is why they often don’t have businesses that have lasted.

I have teamed up with Dr. Snyder because in the last five years, she has built a business that is focused on providing women and their families with incredible natural solutions, including, but not limited to, the incredible and life-changing products that are doTERRA essential oils.

She is going to take the most important aspects of this business model and share them with you on this training.

We have both been asked by health coaches, massage therapists and women who are ready to become their own boss, to host a training like this. That’s why we have decided to create an intimate event, so we can really dive in, figure out your expertise and leverage a powerful product line.

The energy was really great at this workshop! Don’t miss your opportunity this year to start turning your vision to help your family and others into reality.

Stop. Think about that for a moment.

Show up with an intention to create a business you love.

Leave with an invitation to make your vision come true!

Additionally, you will receive ongoing training if you decide to join us, including a LIVE six week digital course with Dr Snyder and I starting the following week, worth thousands of dollars, but given to you as a bonus gift to get you up and running immediately.

The best part- all you have to do is show up for the workshop to take the first small step.

If you know you are all in, all I need you to do it is to watch the replay by click on this link:


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