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Would you like to have your BEST Holiday season ever?

Are thoughts of guests visiting, traveling busy airports, or food coma stressing you out even before the holidays start? 

That is a recipe for disaster! 

Let’s not let one more holiday season pass with you wishing it had gone a different way. It’s time to set yourself up for success NOW, so this is the best holiday of your life, not another one you wish had gone better.

So here is what we are going to do…

I have created three jingle bell rocking, mistletoe hanging, out of this world trainings that will help you stay cool, calm and collected throughout the holidays this year. Sidestepping stress, weight gain and even loneliness.

You get to CHOOSE to be one of those women that feel and look good as you cruise through the holidays and set yourself up for the most fabulous New Year’s.


Healthy through the Holidays

with Kerry Tepedino

Feel Fabulous Even During
The Busiest Season

Normally $127

For a limited time only you can grab
Healthy Through the Holidays for just



That’s easy, if you are a woman who…

  • Wants to create an incredible holiday season
  • Does not want to be overwhelmed and stressed
  • Is ready to win over sugar cravings
  • Is determined to feel abundant, not lacking
  • Wants to be connected to those you love
Then this is for you!

Let’s make the 2022 holiday season be the one where you proved you can create a peaceful, grounded, healthy holiday experience for yourself and those around you. It IS a choice after all!


I am going to give you proven strategies and support to get on track and STAY on track, not just for an hour or a day, but the whole season through!

I am going to give you exclusive access to our Healthy Through The Holidays online course, where you will get a clear plan on how to not just survive the holidays, but THRIVE through them!

This is what you will learn…


MODULE 1: Creating “Your Best Life” Wish List

In this foundational module, you will go on a self-exploration journey of who you are, what you want, and why you want it. We will take you out of the “vague zone,” so you have crystal clear clarity and a vision your brain can hook into.

MODULE 2: Honoring Your Wish List

Module 2 is where we get to have some fun and find out WHY you have the Wish List you have. You will acquire new tools to uncover your core beliefs and reprogram your old stories, which are forming you still today.

MODULE 3: Breathing Magic Into Your Wish List

In this Module, I will deliver shortcuts to your best life that will shock you that they are so manageable. We will clean up the ways you are treating yourself, so that holiday travel, hosting, being a guest at someone’s home, and life beyond the holidays comes easy to you for the first time ever.


  • Powerful modules on how to deepen your connection to yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We will focus on building you a rock solid foundation with yourself, boosting your confidence and self- worth.  I also share powerful personal stories to help you get your results. 
  • Clear and concise worksheets that help you easily implement what you are learning in the modules, so you can get real results right away.
  • A powerful visualization meditation that will support you in calming your central nervous system, helping you relax, stay positive and build your confidence.  
  • The support you need to create the
    happiest, healthiest holiday this season!


This course consists of videos, audios and worksheets that you can do from anywhere in the world, according to your own schedule.


Happy holidays! I’m Kerry and I am here to help you cruise through this holiday season. Think of me like your elf on a shelf that is watching you, taking it all in, so I can be honest with you and help you get your holiday breakthrough. 

Why me? 

I used to be 50 pounds overweight, I was an emotional eater, had an eating addiction, kept people at arm’s length, didn’t believe in myself, wasn’t making a great income and all the results in my life showed it. 

I started to focus on ME in a way that promoted deep healing and miracles started to happen. My health changed, my mindset shifted, I wasn’t afraid of my emotions anymore, I allowed myself to get close to people, I started to make more money and I became clear on what I wanted in my life. 

I am being so honest with you that NONE of that could have happened unless I slowed down to speed up my results… I know, it’s counterintuitive, but it works. 

It is now YOUR turn to get the results you want this holiday. It is time for us to roll up our sleeves and let’s gooooo!

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