If you are anything like me you like to feel AMAZING in your body during the holidays (and all year).

That’s why I am excited to send this “Kerry’s 12 Days of Faves” highlight to you!

I remember so many times in the past where I had eaten something that offset my stomach and I felt bloated or gassy (yes, I said it), and would avoid going to holiday parties or even meeting up with a friend, because my waistband felt tight and I felt self-conscious. I started to get curious, did I feel that way after eating certain foods? I started to notice patterns. That had me reconsider foods I ate, including my go-to snacks that I would keep in my purse, so I wasn’t caught starving and drooling at the fast food drive thru.

It’s one reason I created the Soul Snax Shake and Bars line. I want to know what I’m putting into my body and feel totally comfortable knowing that it’s a healthy and loving decision for me.

Exceptional self-care leads to exceptional results.

So, today I wanted to introduce you to one of my all time favorite snacks… the Soul Snax Happy Belly Bar. I love this bar because not only does it taste DELICIOUS, but it is also supporting a healthy gut.

There’s a lot of research now showing that much disease starts in the gut. So the Soul Snax Happy Belly Bar could help not only the quality of your life, but longevity as well!

Want to check it out? Visit the Soul Snax Shop for a breakdown of ingredients and more information.

By the way… it’s a wonderful holiday gift to give yourself and others. http://www.soulsnaxshop.com

Let me know what you think once you try it!

Here’s to your gut health!


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