When I had my twins I was 45 to 55 pounds heavier than I am today and I’m actually still working with my pregnancy weight towards getting back to my pre-pregnancy body. There was also some weight gain that took place for me to get to my pre-pregnancy body and that came about because I was suffering from an eating addiction (from constant emotional and mindless eating). That was a really difficult time in my life.

I had low confidence, felt horribly about myself, and had low emotional and mindset mastery skills. That was about 20 years, but the experience changed my life for the better and was actually the inspiration behind my desire to help people with their health physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. That led to the birthing of her business.

The Physical Peace of Feeling Amazing About Who You Are

When you don’t feel great in your physical body, it impacts how you feel and think about yourself, how you relate with others and your ability to create a meaningful life for yourself. So your mindset mastery is critical because it impacts how you feel physically and emotionally.

Improving Your Physical Health

1. Ensure that you are exercising no matter how busy you are.

Exercising can be hard, and you may get distracted if you are really busy. I’m married with a household to run, a homeschooling son, twin newborn babies, and a full-time job, but I do dedicate a lot of time to my spiritual practice and my relationship with God. Most of us always have a lot on our plates, especially women, and that prompts us every day to postpone exercising. That’s never a good idea and I wanna encourage you to get up and go before you get distracted. Take time to exercise because it will give you ample energy throughout the day.

You’ll feel so good about yourself as exercising will release feel-good hormones in your brain and have you feeling nothing but positive thoughts, including happiness and pleasure. So starting your day with exercise is like a gift to yourself even at the soul level. It will improve your mindset.

2. Hydrating at all times

Personally, I down a glass of water immediately when I get home and I constantly stay hydrated even during the night especially because I’m breastfeeding. That is something that most people drop the ball on for all sorts of reasons including that water doesn’t taste good. If that’s one of the reasons that hinder you from staying hydrated, you can add a slice of citrus, cucumber, or a splash of juice in it to make it feel special and sacred for yourself.

3. Get a great breakfast.

Make sure you’re having a healthy breakfast every morning. I always eat a protein-based breakfast (eggs, oatmeal and a protein shake) after exercising, and I get my protein shakes from SoulSnax. A lot of my clients use them too. You can get them in different flavors. I add nut butter, chia and flax seeds in my oatmeal to ensure I have enough protein for the day to balance my blood sugar levels and help me focus and lift mental fog. That helps me stay on track.

4. Be aware of your sleep.

Sleep hygiene is very important. Ensure you get enough sleep every day. 7 to 8 hours of sleep are recommended no matter how busy you are. I sleep for about 8 hours, even though it’s in intervals because of breastfeeding. If you’re sitting there thinking you’re a night owl so that doesn’t apply to you, then you’re wrong. I was a night owl too, but when I started practicing getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day for a whole week I got very good results. I noticed that it made me feel better, look better, and have more energy. Even my clothes were fitting better and I wasn’t eating late at night. I was being more productive without putting in any additional energy.

5. Get the support you need

Never be afraid to get the support you need from others. Access free resources, but also invest in yourself. Join my free community and stay connected to others doing the work and encouraging others just like you.

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