I once was overweight, would binge, over exercise, restrict food if I had “eaten too much” the day before, etc.

There was a defining moment for me when I had just had another binge and the food was scattered on the kitchen counter. I looked at it and felt so DEFLATED and DISAPPOINTED in myself once again.

I felt trapped in my self destructive patterns as if I would

Never find my way out.

I felt very alone.

That time in my life isn’t one that I’m proud of, but I’m proud I made it out of the dark and have been able to create my dream life from that rock bottom.

What This Has To Do With You…

I know it can be scary to reach out for support, but it’s the only way to ever get to the other side of what’s holding you back.

I’m sure you have seen a few emails this month, inviting you to apply to talk to one of our Perfect Health Mastery Advisors.

If you haven’t taken me up on it, I’m sure there’s a part of you that wants to, but is holding yourself back because… you’re scared, you’ve tried everything else out there, what’s the point anyhow?

Let me be honest with you… the only reason I have the health, marriage, family, friends, success and joy that I have in my life is because I finally said “Enough is enough! I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.”

And I reached out for support. You get to do the same thing, because it’s time to get the results you want.

All the complicated tactics everyone else is saying you “must” use to create success don’t have to keep sidetracking you.

The truth is … they’re not the solution. They’re the problem. Instead, you’ll find it’s a simple day-by-day solution that you can handle, to create results that get you back on track, big time.

Simple is your salvation! It’s the secret sauce that finally frees you.

It will reignite your belief and enthusiasm for your life. And the road that finally leads you to the lasting results you’ve been missing. It’s what propelled me out of my downward spiral.

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